July 11, 2020
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The classic kitchen instrument that is the barbecue joins the beef can by bbq by definition (the pork ribs). It’s no joke, so we should follow these essential tips.   


– Balancing flavors

It has always said that balance is the basis of success when we roast a barbecue pork rib. Besides, its crispy meat on the surface hides delicious and soft meat inside, so that our goal is to ensure the proper cooking of this delicious delicacy and do not mix different spices, sauces, smoked.

– Hot barbecue

The ribs roasted in any gas or coal barbecue. These two options allow us to smoke and soften the meat. In the case of the gas barbecue, we must resort to the smoker box.

– The heat

The secret of tender ribs is to keep the heat and its temperature constant for several hours. The temperature change hardens and dries the meat so that only the continuous and gentle warmth will tender it. So it will be juicy irresistible.

– Patience over time

When I talk about the weather, I do not mean the atmospheric situation but the hours that we should have in the ribs. It takes 3 to 4 hours for the ribs and 5 to 6 hours a whole rib; the sauce can be added in the last 30 minutes, especially if it is sweet so that the sugar does not burn and alter the taste of the ribs. Although we usually pour sauce when turning the ribs since it will create a crusty crust to which we are addicted.

– Wrap them (optional)

Aluminum foil helps keep moisture, always wrap at the end of cooking. It is a classic in all barbecues so that they are tasty, tender, and juicy. If we follow these essential tips, we will not have to gnaw bones to release the meat because she will be released alone in your mouth. You will skip a tear by biting him!

Let’s go into the world of ribs that is undoubtedly an art.


  1. We start by sliding the knife from the tip to other ends of the rib between bone and membrane.
  2. We pull from the membrane up until it takes off.
  3. If the membrane does not come out of a single run, we can do it in sections.
  4. We season the ribs with particular emphasis on the part where the meat is; we will give a massage to make pressure and to adhere well.
  5. In the case that the rib is huge and does not fit in our barbecue, we can use a cooking basket for ribs. With this accessory, you will occupy half.


If you are one of those who likes a homemade barbecue without as much preparation and as many ingredients like me, take note! 

  • Orient the bone in the best gas grill first to preserve the meat 
  • After the first hour of cooking, we spread our delicious vinegar delicacy with the help of a brush.
  • We begin to change sides continuously to achieve homogeneous cooking.
  • The meat should be soft and tender enough to take a bite and detach easily.
  • Once we have our ribs out of the coals, we spread with our favorite sauce. Let stand and devour!

On the contrary, if you are one of those who dedicate a lot of time in the taste, there are also delicious recipes to prepare rib.


For approximately six people

• Preparation: 30 min

• Adobo: 3 Hours

• Rest: from 20 to 30 minutes

• Type of cooking: Indirect soft fire (from 140 to 160º C)

• Grill cooking for 4 to 5 hours

 •  2 Pork Ribs about 1.8 Kg each

For the marinade 

125 g of brown sugar

 12 cl of soy sauce

 12 cl of ketchup

 12 cl of dried sherry

 2 Tablespoons grated ginger

 1 teaspoon grated garlic

5. Preparation Mode

  1. Prepare the marinade by mixing ingredients in a large bowl. 
  2. Prepare the ribs (see tips before the fire).
  3. Once the ribs are well seasoned, we let them rest on a large tray in the fridge for 3 hours, occasionally turning to make it homogeneous. Take it out of the fridge and let stand 20 to 30 minutes before roasting, reserve a little marinade for the end.
  4. We preheat the barbecue as you already know indirect cooking soft fire. We roast the ribs for 2 hours that will become eternal, given the smell that is giving off and the look that is acquiring, but we must endure everything has its reward.
  5. Remove from the grill and again spread with the reserved marinade with the help of a brush. Wrap in foil and let it continue cooking for 2 to 3 hours. 

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