September 21, 2020
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The Best Natural Gas Grills bring a lot of advantages to customers who want to contemplate a barbecue. One of the unique things is the gas which receives the pipeline installed when you use petrol instead.  

Besides, most of the gas grills on the market have some marvellous features and great appearances that attract more consumer’s eyesight. Therefore, we will introduce to you this our article to help you gain a deeper understanding of the best natural gas grills and prices as well. We believe that you will pick up the best gas grills that not only meet your needs but also fit your budget.   

The 4 best Natural Gas Grills Reviews

Here are some best natural gas grills for you to celebrate your party or barbecue correctly. Please don’t wait for it anymore. Let’s get started.

1. Weber Spirit II E310 NG

The first version that we would like to refer to you is Weber Spirit II E310 NG. It comes with all the fantastic features. Firstly, the hooks and side support a good deal of space.

Next, this model assists 429 square inches of cooking space under the lid, which is vast enough for many individuals. Besides, this 3-burner gas grill that would be suitable for your purposes related to size. On the other hand, the heat zones of this grill are a significant advantage which some users can make use of while grilling various type of food.

In this product, there is a Bluetooth bbq thermometer that operates effectively and makes it feasible to track the cooking process onto your device’s monitor. 

2. Weber Genesis II E-335 NG 

An alternative version of Weber that we will spring to you is Weber Genesis II E-335 NG. On the other hand, it is a product that is more demanding than those who expect great gadgets and attributes. Although the Genesis II E-335 gas grill costs you so much, it brings you some incredible functions.

When it comes to the cooking area, it supports 513 inches of the kitchen area. On the other hand, it is reasonably suitable for your family gatherings or party at the weekends. Also, it will come with three burners, which is ideal for simmering BBQ sauce or veggies. Besides, the sear burner makes it feasible to immediately secure sear marks onto the top side of vegetables or beef. 

Next, it has folding side shelves that supply a vast area for providing you with plenty of space to store items.  

The warranty for this grill lasts ten years. Last but not least, Weber Genesis II E-335 NG can be the best Weber grill for users with more efficiency and great function.

3. Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 NG

This version is pricey so that it is only suitable for those who have a big fund. It is an alternative for anyone seeking a grill with plenty of functions and burners.

This grill pairs with four burners and includes two extra dishwashers (infrared red burners). Therefore, you can take the most advantage of the cooking area to place some food at the same time or mixing all of them very conveniently. 

Besides, this grill is among famous gas grill brands comes with hooks designed for the accessories. Moreover, it supports the doorway under the grill, which offers more spaces to keep in store some necessities. 

Finally, Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 NG is likely to be an excellent option for you at this time. 

4. Weber Summit S-470 NG

This is another product of Weber brands which costs you higher than most of the previous ones. Even though the Summit series is one of the grills that are pricey, it will bring you some perfect experiences.

This grill supports four burners, which offer a lot of space during your cooking. Besides, the sear burner can add colourful sear marks onto the face of your meal.

At the same time, the medial side burner can enhance your food’s flavour working with the toaster burner to heat wood chips or create smoke).

Besides, this Weber Summit is a versatile grill that offers you with capabilities and functions.


1. Tips for purchasing a gas grill 

Budget – Based on your purposes and your economy, we will highly recommend that you should choose the best natural gas grills with a suitable quantity of burners. If you organize a small party, the answer will be two. In some huge cases, the burners can range up to four when you celebrate the big event with a lot of people. On the other hand, it is all about the capacity, which makes different heat zones and offers a better chance when cooking. 

Size — you have to consider precisely how much space you need to cook and how many individuals in your party. Also, it would be best if you did not get a grill that is too tiny. From our perspectives, grills with three burners are the first priority at this time provided more areas enough for the majority of your purposes. 

Characteristics — You own a larger budget and are keener on cutting edge gadgets? In this case, we will recommend you purchase grills with different burners, which make it feasible for placing a variety of food. Also, a sear burner provides us with excellent jelqing marks without any attempt. 

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2. Why do you prefer gas grill to propane grill?  

There are two types of grill for you to choose at this time. In other words, most cases will make use of built in natural gas grills rather than propane ones. However, not all of the gas grills will be ideal in some cases. Thus, we highly suggest that you should take into consideration carefully and make your decision based on your preferences. Here are two key factors that you should scan before making your purchases.

Saving: An area of gas grills has different and fewer options, compared to the propane ones. On the other hand, it is easier for you to select, especially at your big party. 

The ability of gas distribution: you do not need to concern about re-filling the tank very regularly, particularly on your big event that you cook many dishes. However, it takes more effort to re-fill the septic tank. 

Apart from it, when you use several leftovers, a typical gas grill can be a fantastic way rather than a small propane grill if you prepare for a big meal. On the other hand, the deficiency of space implies that they are great alternatives for those who need products with a huge cooking area.

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