September 21, 2020
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Ah, a good barbecue! There are few those who do not admire a good roast beef. The preparation has already become a tradition in Brazil; another essential element is the best BBQ grill

This product is widespread in most barbecues, and its functions support food during cooking and ensure soft and juicy meat when ready.

However, it is essential to choose the correct grid, gas bbq, that helps you in this work. Thus, you will find in this review all the information about this utensil. Here we go! 

First, the most important

– The grill is an essential element for the success of the barbecue.

– There are several grill models and sizes available. It is necessary to identify which is the best product you should choose the right one.

– They usually produced in stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron, and the price ranges from 30$ to 700$. 

Ranking: The four best barbecue grills

Sirloin, central wing, sausage, garlic bread, and vegetables. These are just some of the products prepared on a barbecue grill. When it works, you need a proper grid and gas grill. Therefore, we ranked on the ranking below the best models for you to choose, check it out:  

1st – Professional grill with an auxiliary plate

This best BBQ grills made of carbon steel and has wooden handles, an attached plate, and a system of channels, which collects the fat in a tank, preventing excess from falling into the coals.

The product enameled, so it does not oxidize, and thanks to the accumulation of fat, it keeps the meat a little smoked and prevents the fire from rising, which makes it easier to reach the desired point of food. 

2nd – Prana stainless steel barbecue grill

Ideal for preparing grilled vegetables and seafood. This 30 cm diameter roasting pan made of stainless steel with a removable handle and has a non-stick coating that makes food sticky and easy to clean. 

3rd – Wok to Grill on Prana’s grill

This wok specially designed for use in barbecues and made of steel with high edges and holes that allow better roasting of food. It has a non-stick coating and is 28 centimeters in diameter. 

4th – Heart grill and snack

This grid model made of brushed stainless steel with a butterfly to fit the skewers and has an opening at the bottom and top.

The product is 33 centimeters high, 10 centimeters in diameter, and has a spring closure, which prevents the grill from opening unexpectedly. It used in standard and rotating grills.

Shopping guide

An excellent outdoor grill will be a prerequisite for quality, easy cleaning, and handling, and made of products that can withstand high temperatures and last for a long time. 

However, it is not easy to choose an option that adds all these factors. And if you confused by all this, calm down. In this Purchase Guide, we will present all the information about this product and solve all your doubts, just read on. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the barbecue grill? 

Regardless of the type of barbecue, the best gas grill under $500 is as crucial as barbecue and fire. It will be responsible for hosting the food that baked. 

A right grill has the advantage of allowing food to bake appropriately and be durable and used for many years. Besides, it does not promote holes in food; it keeps meat juices and makes it softer.  

However, cleaning is a kind of thing to be desired. There are several options on the market where grease ends up adhered to the grill and is challenging to clean.

But the good thing shows that there are already models that have grease tanks, others made with non-stick and also accessories such as brushes that facilitate this process.

Another excellent quality of grills is that they exist on the most diverse conformations. Therefore, they adapt to various products that go beyond traditional meat steaks. 

  • Advantages

– Maintains the juice and softness of food.

– It adapts to all types of food.

– It has excellent durability.

  • Disadvantages

– It can be challenging to clean. 

What are the different types of grills?

As we said before, there are barbecue grill options for all kinds of foods, and below, you will find an explanation of them.

Traditional grid: as the name implies, it is one of the most common models. This grid has straight lines and a simple base that allows heat to spread quickly. It is ideal for grilling virtually all types of meat and skewers during barbecue included in several models.

Coin Grill: this is another option that you have seen in a barbecue. This model has a structure full of holes that look like coins. It indicated for the preparation of whole pieces.

Red Argentina: this network has been gaining ground in Brazil. It has channels that prevent fat from coming into contact with coal, being ideal for those who do not want to smoke much during barbecue.

Grill: this model has rollers when moving to facilitate the positioning of the meat. With it, you can produce Argentine and Uruguayan style barbecues.

Double leaf grill: this grill is ideal for roasting products that stuck like fish, chicken, and sausages. It resembles the traditional grid but composed of a grid structure with the upper and lower junction. Some even called fish grill, which has the same design and oriented to this type of meat.

Vegetable grill: this model has spaces that perfectly accommodate vegetables and allows them to cook properly. 

Basket Grill: This grill is ideal for skewers and chicken hearts. It has a cylindrical shape, straight lines, and food supports.

Other options: there are also round grills, barbecue pans, hamburger grills, and grilled dishes. All work as well as the other models. 

Grill or skewer?

This is an old debate that crosses the Brazilian states. If you go to the Rio Grande do Sul, you will surely find barbecues made only with skewers, while in Sao Paulo, the best BBQ grill is always the perfect choice. But what is the best option?

Note that both have different indications. The grill, for example, is ideal for roasting all the meat without losing its juice. It indicated for boneless foods such as picanha, titty, sausages, cheese, and vegetables.

Skewers, on the other hand, are the best options when it comes to boneless and fatty meat, such as ribs. For them, the skewer is ideal because they take longer to prepare. The skewer tends to make the meat dry since its use causes holes in the food. 

In addition to the right grill, it is essential to know how far the food will be from the fire to have a quality barbecue. Smaller, thinner steaks and fillets should be near the fire about 15 centimeters (4 inches) from the grill.

Medium or slow roast pieces, such as sausages, chicken and large pieces of meat should be approximately 12 inches (30 cm) from the fire, while larger foods such as ribs that take a long time to roast should be at about 40 or 50 cm (10-16 inches) of fire. 

How much?

The value of a barbecue grill varies from day to day, and there are cheaper and more expensive options, being possible to buy a more traditional model for an average value of 30$.

The most expensive options are those that produced in different materials and more specialized in grill and Argentina. These have a price that can reach up to 700$. 

Where to buy?

In the physical stores, it is possible to buy a grill or char griller that sells kitchen items, hypermarkets, and even butchers.

There is a greater variety of options available online so that you can find all kinds of the grid. Some sites have a wide range of models are:

– Amazon

– American

– Free market

– Supreme barbecue

It is also possible to buy them placed on our ranking. To do this, click on the product, and you will move on automatically to the website where it is for sale.    

Purchase criteria: factors to compare grill models

So far, you have learned all about barbecue grill, and at this point, you will discover how to compare the models available on the market and make a good choice. Here are the points below you should consider before making the purchase, which are:

– Grid type

– Material

– Size

– Cable/Handle

  • Grid type

Do you remember that above, we show you all the grid models that exist? Each of them is having an indication and decide which one should analyze or products you like to eat on a barbecue.

If you do not want to smoke, the Argentine option is better than the traditional one. Besides, if you are a fan of cottage cheese and sausages, the coin grill is more worth if you are in the class of skewers, you can choose the type of basket.  

  • Material

It is essential to choose a barbecue grill that is a durable and robust material. The most common ones are stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. The stainless steel grills have no rust and are resistant, but tend to adhere a little to the grease.   

The aluminum option already combines lightness, strength, and durability. Not to mention that aluminum is easy to clean and doesn’t rust. Cast iron has the greatest advantage that heat dissipates equally, so cooking finished more evenly.

Besides, there are some round and reminiscent containers that receive non-stick coatings. Thanks to this, cleaning done more simply, and there is no possibility that the food will stick.

Did you know to facilitate the cleaning of the grill, you can cut a lemon in half and rub it on the hot surface? In this process, the lemon acid will spread and facilitate cleaning.

  • Size

Before buying any portable propane grill, measure the size of your barbecue. You are pretty more surprised at the variety of sizes the grilles have, and being wrong can cause damage. 

Go to the store or website, knowing the width and depth of your barbecue and choose the one that suits you. 

  • Cable/Handle

Although it is only a detail in your grill, be sure to consider it. How is the handle or rack you want? They lined with wood or followed the same material used in the best BBQ grill. Other types of coating still found.

It is worth mentioning that a coating is additional protection to avoid burns. Wood is the hardest of them.

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