August 12, 2020
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In training for our waiter or waitress dedicates to the area of Management of restaurant establishments, much importance given to the service. Because what makes a restaurant a success? We could say that it depends on the food, but it would not be entirely accurate. The restaurant service includes experience for the customer that is not only limited to the dishes you are going to taste; it also extends to the environment and the type of attention you receive from the establishment’s staff.  

From the receptionist to the waiters, everyone has a great responsibility when it comes to getting a satisfied customer. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional, experienced, and well-trained staff that can work as a real team.

Here are three tips that can help you know how to improve customer service at a restaurant.

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Create a restaurant and service protocol

Two people who go to the same restaurant may have a very different experience depending on the waiter who has attended them. While one diner can leave having had a good experience and wishing to recommend the establishment, the other can get angry and willing to put a negative review online to prevent others from going through what happened to him.

If the food is the same and the atmosphere too, it is clear that what fails in these cases is customer service. The problem avoided by creating a good care protocol.

It is about establishing standards of behavior and customer service that all staff must meet. This can include ways of addressing the public to take a tray or side by which to serve each diner or how to act staining customers.

This homogeneity in work allows us to be sure that all clients will receive the same treatment, and makes the formation of new waiters much easier.

Train staff

The waiters can give the client all the information they need. A waiter must know the dishes thoroughly he is offering and even be able to advise the client and offer alternatives if the diner manifests having an allergy, being vegetarian or celiac.

It is also very well valued by customers that the person who serves them can advise on the best wine to pair the dishes they have ordered.

As usual, the waiter must go through a period of training, reinforce his knowledge as well as behave periodically at any time.   

Put the focus on the customer

A restaurant does not want diners who eat once and not return; the goal is to retain the customer. Therefore, it must become a part of the work of the waiter.

It is not just about giving proper attention following the protocol mentioned above, but about being able to add to the small work details that make the difference. For example, remember the table that a customer prefers or even know his name. To achieve this, you can create a small file with customer data so that the waiters can consult them and give them a better service.

It is these types of personalized attention that customers value most, so they are a guarantee that they will return again and again.

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