August 12, 2020
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In the service of a restaurant, a crucial moment is to capture the command. Today we will help you to understand more about it through this topic and also prepare this post with the key aspects to take into account to correctly manage a command. If you follow the script, the excellent service is assured.  

How to attend a table 

Once the diners are at the table and have the letter, you will wait a few minutes for them to decide by offering them a snack to make the waiting time more enjoyable and helping them if you see that they are undecided.

Then, we will proceed as such to take the command. For greater professionalism in the service, it is essential to follow a specific and recognized order when taking it. 

Some factors will indicate who noted before, and who after.

  • Sex: first, women will be taken care of and then men.
  • Age: older people have preference over younger ones.

These are the two general guidelines, but there are other details that we should keep in mind as that the host will be the last to be served, regardless of whether he is male or female.

With this data in mind, you should be clear about the procedure to follow when starting to aim. For the preparation of the command, these are the key points to take into account:

– Enter the date and number of the table because, by mistake, commands left from the previous day and so we can realize that they do not correspond to the day in question.

– Indicate the number of people who are going to eat and the snack that usually placed before the first dishes correspond to the diners. 

– Identify the number or name of the waiter who will attend the table to address him for any incident.

– Write down the counterclockwise the dishes of each client and assign them a number that corresponds to each diner so as not to disturb them when putting the dishes on the table. You have to pay close attention not to be wrong.

– Separate the plates with a stripe for the first of the seconds as it happens in the arranged menus.

What to do after taking the command?

Once ready, the first step is to withdraw the letter to customers. Once it finished, the command copies must be delivered:

  • The original for kitchen
  • The first copy for the box
  • The second copy for the waiter

In this way, information not lost along the way. Everyone is clear about the details of the service throughout the process. 

The only drawback is that you have to pay close attention when introducing the dishes because the screens are tactile and you can press another dish that is not correct. It is important always to check all the information registered before sending it to the kitchen. Whether it written or printed, they should be displayed and sorted by numbers board on the kitchen, keep track of how the service of each table goes, the dishes will be crossed out according to go out and so we will have an order when asking when the tables start or end. Also, upon reaching the desserts, the main dishes command replaced by the desserts.  

There are different types of commands – For example, menu, wines, spirits, and drinks in general, desserts, provisional. Thus, we will follow the same guidelines in all cases. Without a doubt, a well-completed and well-managed command will do the service like a play where if you follow the script to the letter. The work will be pleasant and easy to follow once staged.

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